Friday, July 7, 2017

bad people show.

no. no more poems, performance art where i make
teddy bears out to be the bad guys,

when i'm too old for that shit. i think
it's you that has something

to do with this, at the same time
i believe it to be everything to do

me. you're just as selfish, only difference

being you don't think that about you
and you only believe in your perceptions of me

which you've got all backwards. it seems

that these two things happen
at the same time, but they're actually just

two different ways to look at the same thing.

no. if i was president, here's
what i'd abolish, for you: no more

money. no more time. no more bitching and
moaning. no more

talking about donald trump- i miss george bush.

no more internet addiction

and the no-list, for myself:
no more bra, no more underwear, no more makeup

no more white skin it makes me a tourist,
no more meat, no more sugar

no more waste except
the disappearing kind.

all about integration.