Sunday, July 2, 2017


shamelessly i use you. shame is the one thing
i was raised without a sense of.

on a platform it's, livid,
hot sex, the kind

you continue thinking of even when
family is around. "tell me i'm
nice," is what i pull you in to say
when, instead, "i do this for you,"
is more like it, as you rape me,

webcams everywhere, daddy.

it has everything
to do with wanting to convince myself

i'm getting ready
for independence.

something about it gives the others self, and me, reminder
of separation.

performance makes it possible
come closer
to moving out one day

and knowing those who do this, "others".

a pet unexpectedly
births itself from chest's cavity, pet
admits it wants to learn how to suckle. slut.
this is iraq

learning it wants to talk to strangers.