Monday, July 3, 2017

new life.

remember a movie, rated R,  in which
a girl was chopped in half
by a door that closed on her

and her memorial service
her memory was honored at? shattered

people are noble for their victimizations, it said.
element of true love
resonated through that. (gave purpose).
an electric
snake of sorts.

we glue to
that which speaks strongly about us, for us

as we ourselves are cheapened
by jail
which cannot be penetrated.

first woman lives there, carrying
out duty
with the juice of pomegranate
down the front of her shirt
which she had dribbled
. feeling fat.
"i've done it,"
calling upward, "there's nothing left
to want from me.
now release my family."

i'm not going to the woods. i've abandoned the woods. the pressure
to refuse abandonment
has gotten to me.
i will have a fresh start
after this.
this is how born agains are born.

i'm doing this for my brothers and sisters.