Friday, July 7, 2017

the ferryman.

message me
on facebook. the format
is flexible. all it
requires is
you lie to, or, come on
and all
the twelve year old girls

and only
twelve year old girls.

you like it best
when we make noises
like squealing kind of noises
and blush
going hehehehehehehehe
in our schoolgirl mini skirts

so fucking twisted
by the advertisements
of prostitution
we're surrounded by

and so becoming we are
in our fear of
drawing attention
to our inadequacies

which is
about us
('til you)

me and all my friends

be studyin' porn
to see
how we're supposed to be
though not gettin' it

we be suppressing
our sneezes
i guide them into
your man cave

where it is that
we let ourselves be:

we start talking about cock
and only cock
for the rest of our lives

until you
cheat on me with them- part of
the process. betrayal
is when we
become women.

don't stop, daddy, oh my gosh, you're
so big and hard daddy, as in you're your
dick, so fucking oh my god....ohh....*whiney moan*

don't stop don't
you fucking stop spit
on my tits please daddyyyyyyyyy

an example of what
you'd wanna message

it'd go something like,
"haha lol [girl's name], that was
a really funny joke
you just said, you know

i had a real rough day
and you made me feel better

i'll bet you're a princess

i'll be you're the one
meant to cure my disease"

handsome prince, handsome prince

you just gotta be
twelve in spirit
is all it takes

and when
we're doing it

and i hear me working on
convincing myself

that you're turning
from a toad to
a prince

and not
the other way

i'll be sayin',

"where's that ribbit, ribbit
comin' from

all's i want
is for you to reply,

"it'll only take a minute
for me to kick that habit

it's something
we can laugh at

and even
turn into something

this'll be
the only caveat

to our
delight, dare i
imply, our
ever after

and i'll just say, "wot's sexy
mean?" and you'll
just go...well...*spank*

and when
i'm a star
which is what
you're giving me the chance to be

my name'll be something like
"teehee", like
that of
the ghost's

that's wandering
inside me, it's copying

the shape

of your dick (which is mmmmf fuck yeah oh)

and, unlike you, has
everything to do with
denying light

my hope, my

this things
only spell on me
is determining

the direction
of my future

"well i'mma be
carryin' cancer cells," is what

i say to it, "i'mma be kind and
well known
for all
of humanity,"

pretty, pretty princess
yes daddy yes i'm your pretty, pretty
oh fuck...i don't wanna come on your...well,
i feel so embarassed...i don't want you
to see me not being a princess...fuck...oh


in pink
pink and secrecy
are the same thing