Friday, July 7, 2017

the ferryman.

message me on facebook, lie to, or, come on
all the twelve year old girls

and only twelve year old girls. so becoming
in their fear of drawing attention
to inadequacies. me and all my friends

supress our sneezes
i guide them into your man cave

where it is that we start talking about only boys
for the rest of our lives

until you cheat on me with them. (then is when we
become women.) delivering yourself from

not feeling so good each time. short term based.

message them, "haha *emphatic lol* stacey, that was a really funny joke you just said," in that way
that equalizes how
the responses of twelve year old boys would be.

accidentally say
my name, which is gonna be

BBW one day, when i'm a


yeah. i've only been trying to amuse you
with my delightfulness for fucking ever.

hope you know BBW is who i'll be

so that you'll look back at my developing chest as your "rosebud".

my name is something like

a ghost's that is inside of me, which
is actually a dark place of psyche's

that i do not give to myself as me. has, and will always be, part of
what's built on indian burial grounds.

bad habits.