Monday, January 15, 2018

river prostration.

serpent, element
without language. divergence from peace is your name
and also a disguise for absolute peace.

i have not forgotten your war.

i seek to find oxygen, or, escape.
you want to bind my

to make it a whole thing.

you are both murder and freedom;
heyoka tangled in
my back.

i become all these things
as my will, resisting
the tightness of your throat,

drives me to die.

old sun.

my body moves toward the death of

old sun, willing
herself to 

take place, attach, feel feelings.
but this cannibalism serves without a purpose

that i'm prepared for.

i bang my stomach so that the sky

listens and releases me from this web.

i have bolts i have made for you, is what
the sky says to me. hear me scream. 

hear me try to hurt you.

the web of a spider
is a power weighed

against your resistance.

home videos.

"I wonder whether I'm going to come while I'm desperately trying to hold on to my language...At the same time while I talk, I'm beginning to think that the words are sort of a defense...

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

nasty creature.

in my

nature shows me
how she likes
to fuck

Monday, January 8, 2018


i turn my back on my village
to lose myself in the woods- hungry ghost

seeks vision quest,
without sensibilities intact- finding myself
confronted by a power object.

something through which i
evaluate life or deathness. ignorance of

fucking around
is how i respond to things i don't understand.

i'm instigating antimatter
who bears her impermanence

to teach me
it equates my own

so together
we're reflections of each other.

shadowy figure descends from the
dark moon. she says to me:
i come from mother's belly.

she points upward, continuing:

that's her circling above
us both,

deciding which one of us spiders
she will tear apart first.

i find myself as my remains

having been dropped by her beak
into a clearing at the center of a
tribunal of trees

deciding they will not have me.

i call to shadow, or, current vision of wilderness, of the east.

i call to shadow of the north

of the west.
of the south.

hear my howl:
i seek your medicine. my rejection of your healing
haunts me.

i've learn through seeing you
that i walk without oxygen.

give me sword give me wand give me cups
made from your nectar

so that i may see again.

Sunday, January 7, 2018

see clearly from this point forward.

parasites always pay debts
with acts of kindness, such is our medicine

i rip your body open
is how you birth me
is how i liberate you.

know dharma by
fulfilling instinct to

spread disease
you are two people.

you are two people that are complex family systems.

all of these aspects of self constantly communicate in a way indicative of uncontrolled fire energy, as
everyone is up in flames and behaving as though possessed by rage.

you are prey. you are predator.
you experience both positions at once
as they act on one another. this is known as "shame".

you are the first snake
who lurks around in our recesses:
"abandon feed abandon feed abandon feed"

all of the earth comes out of your mouth.

you are instinct.
you are cannibal.

you are mother.
you are my death.

Friday, December 29, 2017


sleep. i roll my eyes to within myself.

sky, my lover, compresses downward
protecting me from cruelty.
that's what i perceive
destruction to be.

my absence is
the nightmares of war that bubble in your back.

my absence is also

my dreams are known
when you choose to let go of fighting me.

i release my grasp on you, throwing
my power to the arctic sky

in hopes that this could
somehow guide
my dreams outward with him.

Sunday, December 17, 2017

"insulated from nature, ungrounded, why should we be surprised at our own brutality?

Sunday, December 10, 2017

consciousness of consciousness of consciousness of consciousness
consciousness consciousness consciousness of of meow i am a tiger
i am a leo the lion rawr rawr look at me pounce on this antelope
consciousness consciousness venomous snake hisss hisssss i'll get that
crocodile/alligator for what he's done to me and my ancestors hisss
hiss consciousness ofo consciousness consciousness of consciousness
consciousness of consciousness