Sunday, December 18, 2016

pure white.

the hypnosis starts
once a gun is fired into the open sky

doves in a panic leave their nests. the birds that are pure white.
this is a place
nobody has been to before.

a series

of rhythmic currents introduce themselves
to one another, evading me.

a seduction distances
after unexpectedly
spilling its guts

into the center of vision
where it meets god who says yes to everything.

punch between the eyes.
good old punch between
the eyes. whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

cartoon stars result
more than anything
you're not supposed to need to learn about

stuff whose knowledge you don't know what to do with except say you love life. it will count one day.

the dream i've been assigned to call
has no name
so i say anything. producing heat.
my iceberg drifts in the northern oceans with me stacey on it. here we are being together, heading toward

my only child, heaven, who is also hell,
resentful of being named,

as it was their bared hands who'd molded me from mineral
and fat of the earth. i am what i am made of. the sum of all evil is a safe guess.
to fight against it
is to lose touch.

in my lap many feathers i didn't notice had gathered.
this is a place nobody has been to before.