Saturday, January 21, 2017

"[...]above all, plagiarism is the reappropriation of ideas: when an individual plagiarizes a text which those who believe in intellectual property would have held "sacred," she denies that there is a difference in rank between herself and the thinker she takes from. She takes the thinker's ideas for herself, to express them as she sees fit, rather than treating the thinker as an authority whose work she is duty-bound to preserve as he intended. She denies, in fact, that there is a fundamental difference between the thinker and the rest of humanity, by appropriating the thinker's material as the property of humanity.

crimethinc. has been so responsible a catalyst for much of my daring, and my curiosity in freedom, that i shamelessly deify my love by binding their (?) words in quotes, in spite of a shared stance against "intellectual property". it's an expression from myself as a child being taught to moralize, through persistent shaming- who demands freedom.

i do not know my self, and my exploration of life through it, without the echo of personified impressions.